Saturday, October 6, 2007


I've been tagged! hoong, i do this coz u're my dearest fren. if not malas sial..

hOonG's Q: i cant tink of a good one. so..mayb an easy and common one. u noe dat sumone hav feelings for u.. but he/she does not show any extra expression about it. but u just felt it! and of course u heard dat he/she reli hav a crush on u. one dat is vry serious. wat will u do?

My Answer
i'm a guy so i'm gonna answer from a guy's perspective. what will i do? first i would go to a quiet place to think. i will ask myself about my feelings for her. do i have feelings for her? then i would consider again and again if what i felt is true or i perasan 1. the things that i heard maybe wasn't true so have to make sure. most important of all, what i feel about her and do i love her. if the answer is yes, then i would tell her one to one, eye to eye how i feel about her and ask about her feelings towards me. if she have the same feelings as i have, then i would ask her to be my partner. thats what i would do.

the instruction: I'll tag you a question which you'll answer on your blog, and then you create your own question and tag it on to someone else.

kj's question
i dont think i have any new question but i think the question that hoong posed was very good so i will take it and edit it a little. so here goes:
You like this someone and u feel that this someone also have feeligns towards you. this person's friend also told you that this person have feelings towards you. BUT this person never let his/her feelings show and nvr say anything or give any obvious hints that he/she likes you. so what would you do? would you make the first move or wait?

i dunno wan tag who la. so whoever reads this and feels like answering, you can answer here lo.

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