Friday, October 12, 2007

Nostalgic pt 1

yest i stumbled upon 2 pictures. they were from my family vacation to pangkor back in 1999. i was only form 2 in '99. i look so young and naive back then. so different from now. so old d. my youngest bro was so cute la that time. 5/6 years old oni. i really miss the days when i was young. i wish i could turn back the clock and live that life again. a carefree life without worries.

i'm still in 2Arif that time. i remember that the teacher that i hated the most was Ms Chong who teaches geography. makes me wanna sleep. that is the first time that i sleep in class..and from that day onwards i develop a habit of sleeping in class d. i was sitting at the front skali, right in front of teacher's desk. i still remember my results for exams are starting to fall dramatically in f2. all because of stupid counter-strike. i was obssessed with it. being the best one shot one kill sniper is more important to me than studies. thinkin back, i hated myself for being such a fool. i should have thought of the consequences. it proved to be the start of the downfall of my studies. the next year i would get demoted to 3Bestari. it sucked. enought of the bitter memories.

1999 was the year i got to know hoong, chen li and meiwah. kenal hoong first 1 then slowly got to know her frens and all. hoong had short hair back then. ah li also look very diff from how she looks right now. then i started to use the net. used icq first. then migrated to mirc. from there kenal meiwah lo and all the other peeps. collin, shannon, kacuak, wiliang were the few good friends of mine back then. still remember them arguing about hoong or fen more pretty..haha.

oh ya f2 was also when i started to go for maths tuition at mr pancha. there i kenal myn wee and the other high school guys. the only gbs budaks there were jin, me, min shen and edry. used to cycle there 1 in the noon. had a stressful time studyin under mr pancha bcoz he so garang lah. i tak pernah nvr do his hw scared lah. his hw bukannya sikit..banyak maths dah lah teruk kena buat so many exercise samore..haha. duncan also stayin at that taman. went to his home few times.

ish ish..those were the days lah..miss them so much. i wish there is a time machine where i can go back in time and see all these again..haih~~i love all of you my friends and you all will alwiz be in my heart no matter what.

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