Friday, October 26, 2007

bad day

yesterday was a frustrating and tiring day for me. have to wake up early morning and go uncle's house to help out with his business. then later at noon have to rush to GH to fetch grandma home. she damn degil wan go home. doctors say blood pressure too high can't go home also she dun care. old ppl..haih~~

on the way there sumthing that made me super upset happened. as i was cornering out from a junction, a mad man that was crossing the road suddenly take his rod and hit my car. tak pasal pasal i kena. got 2 deep scratches on my car d now..damn kek sim.. felt like stopping and wack him up but couldn't bcoz the road is a main road and no place to stop. damn frustrated so i sped towards GH lo, almost accident. goin too fast at a stretch of road and suddenly a car came out from a a small road. nasib i could evade that car and a motorcycle that is in the middle of the road. thanks to my cool head and better skills after 3 accidents, i am now a better driver.

reach GH in around 10 mins from kota. found parking quite easily as it was lunch time. proceeded to find the ward that my grandma was in. susah payah aku cari. GH damn big. when i found it at last, dad told me grandma could not be discharged yet as her blood pressure is still too high. kena wait lo. discharge procedure damn complicated and inefficient samore. i was there from 12.45-6.30. waste my time. so hungry and tired samore.

when at last grandma was allowed to go home, i noticed that i lost my car key! i didn't even know how it could happen. terpaksa ask bro to get the spare key from home. damn mah fan. i run around the hospital tracing my steps to everywhere i went and still couldn't find the key. i ran around GH for 3 rounds. penat gile sial. up and down the staircase samore. duno lost how much weight yesterday.

enough of the negativity d. on a better note, when i was in the hospital i saw many young doctors. damn gaya la they all. then i start to imagine my friends that are studying medicine as doctors one day. damn proud of them lah. the lady doctors also quite cun, not bad lah. the nurses almost 90% malay but got a few not bad ones lah but then they will surely bloat 1 after marriage so better dun bother them too much. malays are like that. when young cun but once they get married, habislah no need see d.

the wah lai toi dramas yesterday so hilarious lah. luckily have 2 more months to watch. i think can finish forensic heroes kua. got linda chung. woohoo..

oh ya since i am writing about hospitals, i wan to raise this question. why do patients in the hospitals need to be taken cared of and alwiz attended to by family members? why cannot just leave them there in the care of the doctors and nurse? why must teman them all the time 1? wasting time isn't? for example coma patients, u know that person won't be conscious so why stay by his/her side all the time? is it that important to be there when the person wakes up? i find it ridiculous. work productivity goes down when this happens. so i think it should be discouraged. that is my opinion lah. anyone who disagrees of have a different POV, pls enlighten me.


ViViEnNe said...

walau eh...y almos same luck as me 1??haha...nvm..wil pass..wil pass..*finger crossed*^^ d hosp 1,u can say they lazy,u aso can say they know well about d patient's cond i knw d presence of family members s impt lo..

ViViEnNe said...

oh,n the gals 1..alah..takan u abandon ur gf/wife after they get 'distorted' wad...wil tk effort 2 get bac figure de ma..

KahJoon said...

no la..chinese generally wont bloat 1 as they age...malays are more prone to bloat..i din say will abandon leh!

ViViEnNe said... i reli scared wil bloat la...nw aso scared like hell di...

gaL said...

hey kj. For ur qt, i thk ppl will still be there for ppl who are hospitalized because we still care for them even though they are sick. Wouldn't you feel more sick or lonely when u're sick and no one is there to accompany you? Being sick sometimes is more psychological then physical. That's why doctors encourage coma patients family members to talk to them and be there for them even though they seem unaware of our presence.

Anyhow, i would say that when u're sick, being treated like a baby is the best treatment that u can ever wish for. haha. :)

KahJoon said...

hmm, fair reply ngan. but personally i wouldn't want to burden my family members attending to me lo. thats myself oni lah..hehe

amy2kyo said...

viv is hitting the ad-hominem button on you! hahaha! i'm jk..

well, to answer your question.. let me ask you this.. did you ever have someone like you said; warded into hospital because bad things happened to them or worst; in a coma..

the feeling of caring will automatically come to you and you would wanna spend time with them every second if possible, that you think you wouldn't see them in the next minute..

or maybe miracles would happened.. they might woke up after a long sleep..

that's why people choose to stay with the patients, realizing that family is way more important than any other thing like productivity.

hehe.. get me ah?? no offence ahh..

KahJoon said...

no la..of course no offence taken here lah.

what you said is generally how ppl will think and feel lo but i am a different type of person. i dont know why i dont have that feeling de. even when my family member warded also i nvr go see 1 unless kena force to go.

being there when a coma patient wakes up is not that important to me bcoz its the same also when the doctors call you to come when the patient regains consciousness.