Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shocking and depressing

on monday, i went to pj for an interview with Prof Romaine who is our course's external examiner and moderator. woke up at 4.30 am to bath and prepare my stuff. have to catch bus at 5.30am. so tired lah. i didn't have enuff sleep. sunday midnight was watching the match between Liv and Arsenal. it finished around 2am. tried to grab some precious few hours of sleep b4 4.30 am but unfortunately i couldn't sleep. i dont know why. maybe bcoz i had a cup of teh ais when i went out to minum with my friends. i tossed and turned around in my bed and just couldn't sleep. finally when my eyes managed to shut, i was rudely awaked by my alarm. sad lah..oni got 30 minutes of rest.

the roads are clear. so i sped to sentral lo. took me less than 10 minutes to reach. reached there around 5 am. have to wait. this time damn sueh lah. the KKKL bus on this trip is an old and low powered bus. surely take more than 2 hours 1 coz it cant go fast. after boarding i straight away plug my eyes with earphones, started to listen to music and try to get some sleep. too bad i still couldn't seem to manage it. haih~

upon reachin KL, i took a bus to PJ loh. damn, the aircond was so cold that the hairs on my arms are standing. the skies were gloomy and looked like it was about to rain. upon reaching PC, saw anita and Ms Foo. she came earlier than me, so unexpected. Ms Foo then belanja us breakfast. Haha. After that went back to PC and i went to lab to online. later tony and shan joined us. after some time selva saw us and he came to talk to us. he then proceeded to drop a bombshell. he told me he read my blog ! my heart almost stopped beating then. i wrote many bad things about him in the blog but anyway its the truth and everyone feels like that. i wrote that entry b4 he explained himself to us. so selva, u cant blame me for writing that.

i know u must think that i am a backstabber bcoz i've nvr said anything in front of you. i din say anything in front of you bcoz i don't want to jeopardize my marks in exams and courseworks. i did gave u hints about your attitude but i dont know whether you got it or not. hopefully no hard feelings bcoz i am just stating the truth. i might have used some expletives and for that i am sorry.

ok back to the story. he SEEMS to be ok and not angry about what i wrote. he even manage to joke with me. after he dropped the bombshell. my mind was not at peace anymore. i was wondering how he found my blog. he said he stumbled upon it accidentally. i really doubt that. ntg much happen after that lo. went in for the interview with Prof Romaine. din last very long bcoz she only have 5-7 minutes for each group of students. we did offer her a few suggestions on changes to our course. after speaking with the Prof, we went to the next room to grab some pizzas. its on the university. 2 slices for each student. i only grabbed one as i was kinda full. then ms angie saw us. she was looking at me and saying "u must be kah joon". i was puzzled and my facial expression showed it all. then she said " i read your blog and saw ur picture there". another surprise! i went "my god! how come so many ppl read my blog 1!" i wonder how many lecturers are reading my blog. i must be in big trouble man.

next, called Dr Carmen to meet up for lunch. i related the everything that happened to her. she was surprised that my blog was read by ms angie and selva. then she told me that my post about the judiciary scandal in the critical thinking blog was once a big hit. her journalist friends told her that. i must be in govt blacklist d lah. die man. i wrote so much bad things bout govt. she also said that many faculty members are reading our critical thinking blog. i was dumbfounded. i didnt expect that so many ppl are reading our critical thinking blog.

then shan asked her who picked us for this interview 1 and did she recommend anyone. she said it was picked by the faculty and she did not recommend anyone. she also told me some confidential stuff lah. cannot post here bcoz my blog too hot d. nanti i kena trouble. next time when i post things must be more careful d.

after lunch, we went back to PC. actually only tony and me coz the others have to cabut d. tony and i wanted to attend Prof Romaine's lecture later at 2.30pm. in the meantime, we went to lab to surf the net and try to figure out how selva stumbled upon my blog. we tried many combination of keywords but my blog hard surfaced in the search. only when exact keywords are used my blog surfaced. so i wonder how come so many ppl are reading my blog. it is bcoz i am linked by my friends? or what selva said is true that he accidentally stumbled upon it. dont know lah. the results of our research: we found out that the blogs of amy, may shing, tony, and viv surface quite easily in the search engines. so u guys be careful of what you write lah okay? hehe.

i did consider creating another account without using my own name to be anonymous. i quickly discarded that idea bcoz its like being a coward writing in anonymity. i write the truth and this blog is mine so i have the freedom to express what i felt in my own blog. i dont do slander or spread lies so i shouldn't feel afraid of what i write.

the lecture by Prof Romaine was good and very informative but then tony and i concluded that it was kinda deep and needed to be understood and appreciated properly. i have to read twice to understand what she was trying to tell us. i really need more time with the stuff that she lectured but sadly its not forthcoming. if i want it, have to buy her upcoming book. i went to the net to search her up. to my amazement, she have written so many books. i was speechless. Professor from Oxford really bukan main main. they really are that good. compare to our local lecturers, i malu ler. Prof Romaine is like ages ahead. i noticed that a few public Uni lecturers keep asking her questions after she finised her lecture. they din even gave Prof Romaine a chance to get some refreshments. they really trying to squeeze everything they can from her.

not really much after that so decided to go back lo coz its 4 plus d. must cabut b4 traffic jam starts. it was raining and i couldnt walk to the bus stop. so i seeked the help of Dr Carmen. she drove me to the bus stop. so nice of her. haha. reached puduraya at 4.45pm. managed to grab a bus ticket back. the bus departed at 5. the jam wasn't that bad after all. surprisingly it was quite smooth. passed by midvalley. so much change d la. 1 month nvr see already develop so much d. cant wait for The Gardens at Midvalley to open. it looks so nice lah. i also want to go to Pyramid 2. argh! Nov 24 is the next critical thinking meeting. i will try my best to be there and ambil kesempatan to go Pyramid 2 and Pavillion. haha. ok la thats all this time.

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the gardens tat day water pipe leakage la..haha..on the star pics..