Saturday, October 13, 2007

raya eve

it's 1.56am now. and its raya pertama but i'm not bloggin bout today. it's about yesterday. woke up at 11.45am to catch the repeat of the hokkien drama on AEC bcoz i missed it the day before. then ate my brunch and watch tv again. was watchin the encore of Numbers season2 and Las Vegas season and a korean drama Love Truly till around 3.15. after that went out to repair my car's windscreen wiper. i spoilt it when i was washing the car. dad ask me go find kai kor to fix it so i went malim to find kai kor lo. he bought me 100Plus and fixed the wiper for me. he also modified my exhaust system for free. so good la dat fler. if i were to go to another shop. it might cost me around 50-60 bucks d. after he mod my car, it is now more powerful than last time d. the acceleration went up d. feels like a 1800cc car. haha maybe i'm exaggerating la coz i know how a 1.8 accelerates coz i own a Gti.

so happy lah the performance of my car upgraded d, now i accelerate faster. feels great. cabut from malim around 5. reached home at 5.15 like that. washed my car again to get rid of bird shit and the oil stains when kai kor fix the wiper. then sent brother to uncle's hse coz later he got tuition. stayed there to catch my hokkien drama b4 goin back home again. today's episode makes me so angry lah. damn tulan. feel like wanna take the gun and shoot the stupid Peggy and Sheng Tian's mum. u two can go mampuslah. alwiz bully li zhu. glad to see tian zhu starting to think.

then rush home coz at 8 got another drama. reach home d i quickly eat and get ready for my daily tv marathon till 10.30. in the midst of all this, suddenly viv sms me sayin she's upset about the criticism she received in her blog. i was like, what?? like dat also wan angry? then i din reply her coz lazy and duno wan say what. few mins later she sms me the same msg again. this time terpaksa reply d.

actually rite, i think that she invited the criticism 1 lor. u dont angry ar if u read this bcoz that is what i feel lah. u posted too many d and sometimes this makes ppl feel benci and muak u noe. i know that the blog is yours and you can do whatever you like with it. but its open to public so you have to be ready to receive criticism lo. Voltaire once said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". you dont practice what you learn in critical thinking class lo. you have to know how to deal with this. dont want comment on this sammore la. later more trouble. in short, i dont agree with the course of action you took. but that is my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.

oh ya, one more thing. i notice that when you're offended with someone. you'll label them with some terms like jahiliah or asperger. i dont know what is the reason for this but i think it's just silly. you got mad at ah bee and u call her orang jahiliah. now this anonymous person you label him/her as suffering from Asperger syndrome. you find relief from that?

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ViViEnNe said...

i labeled cz i tend 2 analyse all the time...its like i m practicing wt i read or wtever...working my mind..i tend 2 do tat...relief?mayb abit..ya i understand wt u mean,nt tat i disagree v u,i agree but the stupidity tat i cant stand...tis kind of stupidity has caused u n me suffer vout knowing most of d times..nvm la..past is past..i jus need time..bee was talking 2 me aldi,bit by bit..bliving it wil ok 1 day..sigh...