Monday, October 22, 2007

Super weekend

this past weekend had been a great one for me. played tennis with pals. damn tiring lah. picked it up again after such a long time. lost so many techniques d..must polish liao. then went to saravana to eat good indian food damn spicy lah..sibe pedas..cant even finish the whole thing. next time dun wan eat d..yiishh

then arsenal won 2-0 against bolton. cun lah..liverpool just scraped out a win. wahaha. then the climax. ferrari and raikkonen wins the F1 championship. fantastic la. padan muka lewis hamilton. berlagak lebih. u deserve to lose ! hooray..Ferrari is alwiz the best! hahha

watched superman returns on sunday. it was ok lah the storyline but i watched it mainly bcoz i want to see kate bosworth. she's damn pretty lah..stupid orlando bloom go dump her..

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