Saturday, October 6, 2007

Forms / Borang

today i went to the post office to register myself as a voter. the registration process was simple, quick and hassle free. kudos to Pos Malaysia.

BUT there are few PROBLEMs that i'm not really happy with. i don't think its the fault of Pos Malaysia but SPR itself.

the registration process needs:
1. race / bangsa
2. agama / religion

WHY is it in malaysia that when we fill up forms, any forms lah..we have to state our race and religion 1. i tot we are bangsa malaysia! why in the forms got melayu, cina, india and sorts? why? then there's the agama thing. why do they need to know what religion that person subscribe to? is it relevant at all?

this also happen during our public exams. y students have to state their race and religion 1?

when i was registering, the person ask me for my religion, i saw all the options and u know what? i saw one option stating TIADA AGAMA. i was damn surprised that option even exists in our country. so i chose that and the person gave me THE LOOK, u know lah..then that person look towards a police officer. i mean what the heck! salah ke if i tiada agama! if dont like then dont put the option there lah. the person serving me was a malay lady. then she ask me, u pasti nak option ini? then i ask her, ada salinan bertulis ke? she say got, then i change lo coz i dont want to cause problems at home and later on. my grandma super conservative and if she finds out she will pressure my dad to give me a good scolding. my parents also dont approve of me being religionless. sad case lah !

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