Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fulfilling day

I had a day full of ups and downs today. first of all it was one of the happiest thing that can happen to me in kl. Dear came to visit her sis and play in KL with her fren. Lydia jie was stayin at Sri Petaling. So today early morning i edi woke up. travelled to sri petaling to pick dear up. The initial plan was i wanted to bring her to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and sit the ferris wheel 1 but then tak jadi coz it was kinda late when we left sri petaling. scared got jam bcoz of friday prayers and school ending time. i have grammar paper at 2.30pm so tak jadi do much lah. Brought her to Tmn Paramount to eat. Brought Jas along also since dear so long din see Jas d. They talked so much i listen oni, i dont mind though. I just wan to look at dear, enuff d. After we finish eating and sending Jas back to her place, I drove to KL to drop dear off at Puduraya for her to take a bus home. Reached Puduraya around 12.25 like dat. Her ticket at 1, i wanted to teman her wait for bus 1 but then that area hard to find parking so i terpaksa drop her off oni lo. Happy story end here.

Now cames the sad story. I studied grammar so much and so convincingly d that i am sure that i can do it with eyes closed. I even revised it again b4 the paper. When i went in, kena "mind blot". A few points cant come to my head. I cant recall what are the 5 linking verbs and i cant explain tag questions convincingly. first time i kena "mind blot" man. everytime i can escape by relying to my intelligence and common sense but this time both deserted me. I think its because of the time of the exam. what a cursed time to have exam at 2.30pm-4.30pm. if it was in the morning kan baik. i can do the paper properly and i enjoy the day with dear. maybe even go back to malacca with her.

Later on after the grammar paper, Dr. Carmen appeared in our class to give back our CRT THK journal. i got more participation marks that i asked for. I got maximum.Woohoo. Thanks alot Dr. Carmen. Then i noticed a piece of folded paper but i din go open it to read la coz i was busy reading her comments on my journals. I only found out what was in the folded paper when my friends were talking about their love letters from Carmen. Haha. Then i proceeded to open mine lo. Mine is one whole page full of comments. Practically it is divided into 2. The first half are praises and the second half was constructive criticism. I will admit that you got me on a few things that not many ppl know about me. Congrats for seeing thru the smokescreen that i put up. I appreciate the comments a lot and i believe it can make me a better person.

I did all the reading while waiting for everyone to gather because we're goin to Central Market to watch some films made by independent directors and producers. The screening is part of the merdeka thingy and the films have a lot to do with the untold stories of our nation. We left for Tmn Jaya LRT station at arnd 5.30pm, peak jam hr. It took me arnd 20 mins to reach. Haih! We then all took LRT to pasar seni station lo and then proceeded to central market. We had our dinner there. Shan met up with us there coz she went back home first. The moment she came, she started testing food from all of us. it can be said that she already ate a portion that equals to a person's. LOL. After dinner we straight went for the screening lo. the place wasn't that big and it was jam packed with people. Dapat sambutan hangat lah. I din expect it. It was partially and eye opener to me coz i have read some of the things i saw today. Faedah membaca banyak. Hehe. The 4 films that we watched was good but one thing that i didn't really like was Sharwin's loud laughing. Very disturbing la. I'm not trying to hurt his feelings or anything la, i just want to say what i feel and what others might feel so that he can change. If he laughs when everyone is also laughing then its ok lah but then he is also laughing at things that are not funny. I find it a little childish on his part la. Bro harap u tak kisah kalau you baca. Ini untuk u perbaiki diri. The public Q&A sessions came and went without any questions from my coursemates and me. Others in the audience did gave comments and ask questions.

This is the post screening period. I saw Michelle went up to Eunice who was one of the producers of the first film about CPM leader Chin Peng, his comrades and his fight for his right to come back to M'sia. I didn't want to get involved one at first. So i went around looking at the pictures around the room lo coz they were kinda interesting. After that i saw all my coursemates gathering around Fahmi Reza and asking him questions. So i go kepo and listen lo. Then sumthing tugged at my mind about his comments earlier. When he was about to answer me, we were all ask to leave the room as the crew want to clean up the room. When i left the room, sumthing shocking happened. I dunno who "tembak" my name to be interviewed. Samore said i am the top student. Kononnye. I hate the camera on my face and i was trying my best to avoid laughin when interviewed. I even stuttered. Argh. Next time dont "tembak" my name for interviews d. I dont like cameras ! If wan do it in a less stressing environment. Ajak me to cozy cafe lah. Then i'll talk. Haha. Oh ya ask Sarah Tan to interview me. I'm getting distracted d. Haha. Asking melebih-lebih pula. After the interview finish, Fahmi managed to answer my earlier question. I found that his explanation wasn't that convincing but doesn't matter lah coz each person can have their own views. Oh ya, i remembered someone asking Fahmi why he used BM to reply during Q&A sessions although his English is good. In my opinion, that is so damn distasteful. No offence meant to the person ar but i think that this kind of question shouldn't even be asked at all lah. It's his right to speak his own language lah. Whats wrong with BM. I'm proud of BM and i love BM. Dont give me the argument that we're Chinese and why we should speak BM at all. What i can say about that kind of attitude is "Arh, go to hell lah, why be malaysian, get lost la." Sorry la, abit emo here coz i hate ppl discriminating races and even languages. Remember what Dr Teh said, all languages are equal to linguists and none are better than others.

After that i went around looking at books and CDs on sale. As i was looking around, suddenly some one offered me 4 issues of magazines that cost RM4 each. So lucky lah me, others din get. Carmen also din get. Wahaha. After that we went back lo. Upon getting down at Tmn Jaya, we went to the A&W outlet there. Haha, i missed the Rootbir float!! so i ordered one double icecream large. We're all sitting together and plan to have discussion 1 but my "loner" personality emerged that time. I was busy reading the magazines given to me, sitting outside the discussion circle that was going on. Dr.Carmen commented on that later when we were leaving. That was the part of me that she din manage to see thru the smokescreen but today everyone saw d lo. I am a quiet person sometimes. Actually i have a few personal reasons why i didn't want to join the discussion lah. Don't want to reveal anymore. I wan to be an enigma. Cannot let ppl understand all of me la. Later no fun d.

Okay! I think this is about all for today's post. One last parting comment: I enjoyed the whole day especially the time with you my dear.

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