Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oral Comm and McD

do you see any connection between oral communication and McD? no rite? guessed so, neither do i coz there isn't one. haha.

well, today is the 4th paper, oral communication and interpersonal skills. i believe i did quite well in the paper. can get B+ or A- lah..give me 15 more minutes i can get A d. this time i really dont have enough time to write. was scampering all the way. but anyway was quite satisfied overall.

so i decided to reward myself with a luxurious lunch. well to some it might not be but to me it is coz its rm8+. it's McD! u think its cheap ar? pamper myself once in awhile nvm la. but have to save on meals for 2 days now to keep my spending in control.

we sat in McD and chatted for hours lah as if there's no more paper. we do have journalism paper on friday but nobody seems to care. i for one surely didn't care coz its not my style to study early anyway. i'm rite now bloggin here and not studyin. haha.

dr carmen will lend me a few books for the coming holidays. haaa no need spend money but got books to read. i'm so smart rite. hehehe

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