Sunday, September 23, 2007

More judiciary info and on Tan Sri Zaki Azmi

i know most of you who read the transcripts dont know WHO IS WHO that are mentioned in the conversation and what the acronyms like PCA stand for, so i explain abit here.

CJM- Chief Judge of Malaya
PCA- President Court Of Appeal
CJ - Chief Justice

eusoff chin is the CJ before Dzaiddin. eusoff is a mahathir crony. fairuz is eusoff's gang. fairuz is now the current CJ.

tan sri vincent is the Berjaya Group chairman. its an open secret that he is the "anak angkat" of mahathir. the "anak angkat" of our current PM is Patrick Lim. who is he? check out the controversial PGCC and the house PM stayed in while in Australia.

to understand better on the context of the whole conversation, also read the following.
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On another matter pertaining to Tan Sri Zaki Azmi.

Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi will today(5 September 2007) become the first lawyer to be appointed directly to the Federal Court.
This Zaki Azmi is an UMNO man, apparently he is being appointed to the Federal Court to be our next CJ in case our "beloved" PM cannot get the Rulers consent on extending the contract of Tun Ahmad Fairuz. According to rumours, the Rulers are very unhappy on the performance of Fairuz so they do not want to extend his tenure as CJ. This is where Zaki comes in.

The current PCA and CJM are good judges. Apparently the PM's hand was forced in their appointment by the Rulers because PM wanted to put his men there but the Rulers did not give their consent and so he had to appoint the 2 clean judges taht are liked by the Rulers. Anyway the current PCA and CJM are close to retirement age already so they wont be able to become CJ when Fairuz retires. The PM also wont choose them 1 coz he wants a CJ that is his DOG. Remember Pengajian AM? Appointment of high position judges need persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja. As a counter-move, the PM put Zaki in the Federal Court. If anything happens, Zaki can be the next CJ and our problems will continue for sure. Zaki isn't as clean as some think he is. check out this.

In my opinion, a Royal Commission should be set up to investigate our Judiciary, clean it up and revamp it to restore the public confidence.

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