Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life is fu*ked up

well you know what? to hell with ur pretence and apologies. i'm no small kid and i don't buy those easily. u accuse me of raising my voice to you and scolding you. i did not do that and i dont take accusations lightly. you treat me as if i'm a rubbish. so be it. i dont mind coz you're ntg to me also. i know you've been talking bout me behind me, so why don't you gather up ur guts and come tell me face to face?

i wont do good deeds anymore next time bcoz good deeds are always repaid with bad deeds. the saying "buat baik dibalas baik" can go to hell la. the moment i started to believe it could exist is the moment i suffer the backlash.

well fuck this life and fuck everything in it lah. don't want to be nice guy d.

i think i should go back to my preferred stuck-up, cold personality. who cares anyway !


ViViEnNe said...

what happened?......but stil,u hv 2 knw hw much d oths love ur way of being good...cant d oths' overcome tis particular person's black venom on u? u hv 2 bliv urself...dun do sth u'll regret 4 life...d scars can nvr b left there uglily

KahJoon said...

others love my way of being good? u sure not? coz if one person already feels that way..surely there are others..better dont be nice guy benefit 1

ViViEnNe said...

u wun c d benefit if u dun bliv in it at 1st isnt it? =D

amy2kyo said...

hey what's the problem man?

wahlui said...

chill la dude. that cliche quote memang early early can go to hell d la. XD