Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid Autumn, Last Day of Finals

today, er yesterday actually coz it's already 2am now was my last paper for this sem's finals. oh relief !! it was one of the heaviest paper, literature. suprisingly i did very well in my opinion for this paper. i studied rigorously and it paid off lah. maybe because i liked it alot coz it has alot to do wit history and it was like i can memorize every single thing from the note and even extras from wikipedia. in short: FOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. woohoo. i was ecstatic when the time was up to hand in our papers. this paper i think can get A woh haha.

after the paper went downstairs to chill awhile lo. then it was lunch time. i had two choices. first it was to go with anthony and his friends which i dont really know well but who cares, got cun gal can d lah hor haha. the second choice was with ian's groupie. i chose the second one and truthfully it was a bad choice. spent the whole time discussing about SRC campaign for next year. i was bored to death. should have followed tony and huhuhaha together with taht group la. extra can get to know a few of the cun gals. *slaps myself.haha.

after lunch, went to 1 Utama to bowl and watch movie. bowling was bad, near to sucky. my arms were so tight i couldn't bowl well. even amy had a better score than me :( after bowling, we watched the movie "The Brave One" acted by Jodie Foster. it was good but kinda suspenseful thou. Jodie Foster nvr fails to deliver 1. after movie, it's time to dinner. went to Sentosa Section 17. my first time there. the place is huge. food was kinda sucky. so plain. no taste. din finish it. feel so guilty. in africa so many kids starve to death. haihz~~

next on the itenary was play tanglung at Taman Jaya Lake Park. it wasn't my idea. i din play also. i go there watch oni. ended up having intellectual exchanges and discussions. had quite a fun time.
try to identify the people in here, haha no need la cannot see also.

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ViViEnNe said...

yo..c la..this kind of ppl..wrote in my blog said worried dunno can get A anot..n nw he did so well and wil sure get A..eler... xp