Saturday, September 22, 2007

stupid and silly day

what a day it has been lah today. first of all, it was journalism paper. section A both questions no problem lah. section B was writing news which i am quite good at. the question was also quite easy. it wasn't a good thing thou. it made me over confident. when i finish writing the news i still have 20 mins like that. little did i know that i missed out an important point in the dead lah..out of 50 marks duno can get 30 or not for section fuk up A edi out of the window for this 1..hope for a miracle lah..argh..

b4 i got back home, had a meeting with dr carmen and the rest of the groupies. she told me she replied my post in the blog d and lend me 2 books. after that sent sharwin and ian to LRT station b4 i go back home to have a short rest. next programme is fishing with anthony at shah alam. b4 i go to the fishing part, some thing that really pissed me off happened. a coursemate of mine pandai pandai go simply comment on the blog without understanding the context of the conversation and even had the audacity to insult me. she's the one who alwiz accuse ppl of committing fallacy but now she committed a 2in1 fallacy. hebat kan. *tepuk tangan* was so pissed off that i almost used the f word but give face to dr carmen i din use it. what do u mean by ur earlier disclaimer stating no offence meant? anyone who kena alwiz will take offence la. u know what i think of that? shove it lah..

enuff of ranting d. lepas geram. after i lepas geram in the same blog she insulted me d, i straight went to shah alam to my next itenary which was fishing. a little jam lah on the way there but not long. fish and fish whole day din get anything, den ar suddenly oni we get 1 fish..a super huge keli..ok la there are bigger ones but this is the biggest that tony ever caught. it is bigger than my size 8 sandals. imagine that. later i put pictures of the fish. hehe. after that when we were keeping things, i accidentally hurt my thumb. poked by the mata kail. careless me. wasnt that painful la after the initial sting. after that tony brought me to a mamak in klang to eat sumthing coz i havent had my dinner. kinda expensive lah but dont care lah.

after makan i balik lor..from klang back to pj. the journey took me less than 15 minutes. was speeding all the way on federal highway doing 130-140 km/h..i was following a bmw 1 series and a toyota mrS i think..duno will kena saman or not..haha.

the fish huge hor?

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