Thursday, September 20, 2007

Outrageous judiciary

our judiciary is totally hopeless. the latest news is of a lawyer brokering the appointment of judges. i think we should get rid of the Chief Judge and appoint a more credible person to it. our current Chief Judge is apparently a puppet to the Executive and thus making the Judiciary subservient to the Executive. thats a breach in the concept of separation of powers. everytime the government want to change the law to suit themselves, the Chief Judge will advocate the plan without hesitation. for example, the recent announcement that the govt wishes to do away with the English Common Law and replace it with the Islamic law. the Chief Judge quickly supported the decision. hei, i thought the Chief Judge's job is to protect the Constitution and interpret them. How come now the Chief judge is supporting the govt in tearing apart the Constitution?

ppl like Tun Salleh Abbas should be holding the Chief Judge position. a person who dares to stand up against the Excecutive.

here are some excerpt from Malaysia-Today:

Two names, Nik Hashim and Hashim Yusof, were given by the CJ, both whom are ‘kaki bodek’, as possible candidates to replace him. Both these candidates were rejected by the Rulers. After their elimination, as a consolation, they were promoted to the Appeals Court.

Since the Rulers had rejected Nik Hashim and Hashim Yusof, the next in line would be Justice Dato Abdul Hamid Mohamed and Justice Dato Alauddin Mohd. Sherif. But the CJ does not favour these two because they are independent-minded, apolitical and well-known for their integrity. The CJ bypassed these two on the pretext that both are close to retirement in a year or two.

On the Rulers’ insistence, the PM and the CJ had no choice but to accept Justice Hamid as President of the Court of Appeal and Justice Alauddin as the Chief Justice of Malaya. Both of them were appointed by the Agong on 5 September 2007.

On the same day of the above two appointments, a senior lawyer from the private sector, Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi, 62 years old, became the first person to be directly-appointed to the Federal Court. He is UMNO’s Legal Adviser and a member of its Disciplinary Committee plus is Fairuz’s ‘kaki’ from the Kedah days.

His leaving a lucrative private sector practice where he was making millions a month in legal fees -- repeat, millions a month -- raises questions in the minds of the members of the bench, the chattering class, and some important MPs on both sides of the political aisle. The speculation is that he could probably succeed Fairuz as CJ.

It is an open secret that the Prime Minister wanted a two year extension to Fairuz’s contract. But this was rejected by the Agong and his brother rulers. As a temporary arrangement, the PM asked the Agong to appoint Fairuz on a three-month contract. The Agong is still holding back his agreement on this matter.

This whole affair, yet again, shows the PM’s duplicity. Here is a God-given chance to do something about our Judiciary, which has been systematically destroyed over the last 25 years. Instead of doing something about it, which is what the people want, the PM is still trying to keep the rot afloat by working with Fairuz.

It is a shame that today our Rulers have to step in to defend the Constitution and rebuild our much-battered institutions. It is also a sad reflection of our UMNO-led governance. You have to expose this and do not worry about the authenticity of the information as my information is from impeccable sources. You will be doing Malaysians a great public service by exposing this latest Constitutional Crisis.

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ViViEnNe said...

......i was getting angrier and angrier when i read so so disappointed!!!!!!!!!!n i rmb once that a cj or sth has showed objection to govt's sth n was this the world??

KahJoon said...

yeah..the one sacked was the one i am talking about lah..tun salleh abbas..i mentioned ppl like him should be the CJ