Wednesday, September 12, 2007

human after all

i guess i'm human after all and not a person without emotions. i did a lot of soul searching during the study week which i'm supposed to be studying but unfortunately i didn't study at all. i discovered that i do have my emo times, its just that the "button" is different from everyone else. i dont get emotional when i see people suffering from war, hunger, disease, abuse and etc. it doesnt mean anything to me. alot people will say i am heartless but what can i do about it? its just me. you cant force me and i dont like to fake, so pura-pura emotional is not the way out.

i do get emotional when i see tragic things happen. i've been watching alot of HBO, CINEMAX and STAR MOVIES alot during the study week and 2 movies did alot to bring the human side out of me. i got emotional watching those movies! cant believe it man.. The motion picture depicting the life of the late Selena caused me to shed tears. the combination of her ever so lovely song "I Could Fall in Love" and the scenes caused me to shed a tear. so tragic and touching.

the other show that brought emotions out of me was Pride & was adapted from Jane Austen's book. no wonder keira knightley got nominated for Oscars..her depiction of elizabeth bennet was was rosamund pike..the beautiful jane bennet. the finishing part got me emotional cause it was so romantic and lovely..i'm a romantic person thats y romantic things get me emotional..haha

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