Friday, March 14, 2008

Concerning 3rd class mentality and issue of sensitivity

sometimes i just dont understand why ppl wan to argue just for the sake of having the fun of making the person presenting look stupid. why can't we just keep our mouths shut even if we know that the presenters did some mistakes on their slides? why must we point out other ppl's mistakes?

personally, i don't think it is fun to make ppl look stupid. that is the main reason i do not bother to argue with ppl in moral class. when you know that you're dealing with ppl that do not think and argue logically, why waste your time and energy. you'll just end up looking stupid. u have to remember, critical and logical thinkers are the minority.

we are the minority here, when we start to pick on the faults of the majority, they are sure to retaliate. even if you dont mind them attacking you, some of our other classmates might mind. not many in our course are good speakers and can defend themselves. we're on the losing end if we were to go against them. why not we take the initiative to stop this tembak-ing and end this cycle of "you tembak me, i tembak you back" is so stupid la. reminds me of small kids. "you hit me, i hit you"

if you feel mad about me trying to stop you from arguing with them. fair, thats your right. but for you to take it personal and say it disrupts our friendship, i think thats very childish. you're being too sensitive lah. previously tony said something and u're not happy with it. now when i said something you also get upset with it. why is it that you get upset so easily?

i'm disappointed to say that even though you went through one semester of Critical Thinking class, you've changed not much. my reasoning is, when you argue with ppl like those AV and GD students, you're putting yourself on the same level as they are, which is UN-Critical Thinker. think long and hard about what i said. if you still wan to blame me. fine. i have nothing more to say.

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