Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's the point of voting?

it was reported in the star that the indelible ink that SPR bought for RM2 million is not going to be used during the elections.

so what happens now? where our RM2 million went? masuk whose pocket d the commision.
why they nvr do research properly first b4 deciding to buy the ink? why must spend money our money and then decide not to use it. their reasons is the constitution allows us to vote whether our fingers are marked or not. why nvr study this earlier? INCOMPETENT!!

then SPR said they nvr used the mykad feature bcoz a mykad reader costs RM60,000 each. Is not that preposterous. how can a simple machine like that cost the same as a Proton Waja. bloody ridiculous.

In my opinion, SPR are just the dogs of Abdullah and BN. BN say woof they woof. BN say come they come. BN say dont use ink, they dont use ink. now its so much easier for BN to cheat in this GE.

i begin to wonder wats the point of me voting at all this time if the inevitable happens. but i will still vote no matter wat. if everybody thinks the way i do and still vote, i believe we can make a difference. vote BN out!

*For those who dont know
SPR=Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya

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