Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spiderwick Cronicles

As the title suggested, i went to watch Spiderwick Chronicles today. Psycholinguistic tutorial postponed, and i decided to skip Morphology&Syntax tutorials too coz no point wait so long for it. I might as well go to 1U to watch movie.

i want to thank the others for allowing me to tag along. if it weren't for them, i wouldn't watch that movie at all. The title doesn't appeal to me. Yeah, u can say i judge a book by its cover. :p

The movie was good. I wouldn't call it fantastic but it's good nonetheless. Worth my money watching it. Anyways the price had increased, especially the tax :( thus making "cinema trips" costly. I'll have to plan properly next time. If not $$ fly away.

Sorry ppl, if you were expecting me to spill out what's in the movie. Go watch it for yourself and i promise you that you'll not be disappointed. Just immerse yourself into the fantasy world and enjoy the ride.


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