Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frustration beyond comprehension

Today we got back our journalism mid term papers. What a shock it held in store for me. The marks were 44/80. Wtf. How you mark 1? The class also didn't do that well.

Anyways, i will put this aside and do better in the coming assignments and the final. You just wait and see. I will show you that i am not that bad as you think i am in Journalism. I will ace the editorial in the finals for you to see. Just wait.

Frustrations aside, today is the day we hand in our psycholinguistics assignment. A big burden has been lifted off our shoulders. Now left morphology and newpapers to go only. Thanks alot to Michelle, Sue Sin and Sharwin for their time and contribution in doing the assignments. Special thanks to michelle who spent alot of time and effort in this assignment.

I believe we will get the highest mark in class for the research we did in parsing. I think no one attempted parsing, so bravo to us for tackling the tough question.

Oh ya, almost forgot. I saw kwan liang at PB today. He came to help out in the intervarsity bioscience showcase. So long din see that fella d. Glad to know that he's fine. Saw his hui min, his gf also. Always berpasangan oni. Pegi mana pun susah nak separate. Banyak susah oh nanti in the future.

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