Friday, March 28, 2008

What a joke it was~

Telling me that i'm not well informed? That must be one of the best jokes i ever heard. Miss (i duno wats yr name), thx for giving us a good laugh. I'm sorry to tell u (if you ever read this), that you picked on the wrong person. No offence meant ya. I'm just stating the obvious here. This is just one good example of why ppl cannot discuss openly when emotions are involved.

I don't think u realized that you committed a big fallacy by saying MIC as a whole would not react IF the government decides to ban the Hindu religion in Malaysia. Even the most corrupt person like our former Works Minister Mr Samy Vellu will not take this blow lying down. IF he somehow (although i don't see how) does not stand up to this, i don't think that other members of MIC that number 630,000 will accept this. Not everyone are the same ! You cannot say that all the 630,000 are the same! Even if the leaders are corrupt and are there just to serve themselves and not the people, not everyone in MIC are the same. It's a hasty generalization on your behalf to assume that all MIC members are just like Samy Vellu.

There are people in MIC like S.K Devamany who spoke up in support of HINDRAF. I believe there are many more MIC members like him. It's just that their views or voices are not heard. The Malaysian media do not give them a chance to be heard. The same goes to the leadership of MIC.

Many people are still of the opinion that marginalisation is not that serious among Indians bcoz our media plays down this issue. That is why MIC leadership chose to keep quiet. They chose to be ignorant but banning of religion will be too big of an issue to keep mum on. In the event of the GOVT banning Hinduism which is a very serious issue, MIC will definitely speak up. No Indian can accept the fact that their religion will be banned. If somehow, Samy Vellu does choose to support the GOVT's decision to ban Hinduism, i believe he will be toppled from the post of MIC president and the other members will stand up and fight for their rights.

I understand the fact that you care very much for the plight of the Indians, but do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. Think rationally and critically. You can't take things too personal and go to extremes if you don't want people to dismiss you and whatever you have said. Extremism does not appeal to the majority.

Anyway, peiling and amelia did a good job in their presentation. Just need to touch up on some minor details and get the names of people spot on! It's crucial in the world of journalism. I heard Natalie Tan instead of Nathaniel Tan. There were quite a few blurps of this kind. So extra attention there. All in all, congrats for the great job that you two have done.


This is my take on why banning of religion will not ever happen in Malaysia, no matter how bad the Govt has become. The first reason being, the BN govt prides itself in being a party for all races and promotes religious harmony although they discreetly marginalize the minority ethnic people with their policies like NEP. If they were to ban any religion, it would disrupt the equilibrium that they worked so hard to create. They will no longer be able to say proudly that racial and religious harmony exist in M'sia. The slogan Malaysia Truly Asia would not work anymore in this case. All the propaganda that they spent billions on will go to waste. The education system will go haywire too because what they do don't match what they practice anymore.

Secondly, huge international pressure will be exerted on M'sia if banning of religions do happen. The UN and especially United States will jump at the opportunity to label M'sia an extremist Islamic state. The M'sian govt wouldn't want that because the economic consequences will be huge and far reaching. The whole system could be crippled just like that. Islamaphobia is so widespread in the world now that the BN govt could not take a gamble that is this big.

Thirdly, civil war will break out in the country. The minority ethnics will rise in rebellion if banning of religions do happen. Even the ones not affected will rise up in arms because they will believe that next in line will be them. The Govt surely wouldn't be that stupid to take a line of action that is so drastic and outrageous.

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