Saturday, March 22, 2008


Suddenly i felt so empty. i don't know why. i'm just laying down listening to music and suddenly this emptiness engulfs me and i start to think negatively. what is wrong actually? maybe i saw something i don't want to see. i was surfing the net and checking my friendster. i think i started to feel this way after i saw that pic. curse my finger for clicking on friendster.

Well, i can't keep on lying to myself anymore. i guess i have to face the fact that its not meant to be. i don't know la. my heart is tearing apart now. wanting to let go but yet still want to hold on. i really treasure all the memories, and i'm not sure if i can put it behind when i decide to move on.

many say it wont work out. its written in stone the moment we were separated by geography. but i keep telling myself i'll make it work and ignored them. now see what happens?

i'm so lost, don't know what to do. the music i'm listening to are not helping either. all are slow sentimental songs. makes me wanna cry. don't tell me to switch genre, coz it'll make me go mad. i can't take fast paced songs now. haih~~

hopefully by tomorrow morning i'll cheer up like i always do. maybe this is just not like how i think it is. see, lying to myself again. i'm hopeless.

(lost for words)

i don't know what to write anymore. haih~~

this is just another of my emo moments. don't bother me. anggap you all nvr read this k..

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