Thursday, January 17, 2008


at last i've seen all my coursemates and attended classes. the first week considered an extra holiday for me haha. early in the morning had to attend moral class taught by an indian gay(suspected) lecturer. why i say this? it's his body language and the way he speaks. u noe lah women like to call these kind of men "teapots". he's tryin to act cool in front of us but instead enraged most of us. i for one took a major dislike for him from the moment he opened his mouth. moral studies for a student who got A in SPM is gonna be hell this sem.

the day before was mr paul ang. i call him the geeky and nerdy lecturer. he really look and act like one. i hate his teaching style. everytime students ask him, he wont offer any help 1. all he will say is "its up to you to find out, go read up". WTF. did i pay so much money to listen to him repeating his favourite quote? u noe what? to hell with him.

i dont need to say much about dr carmen bcoz i raved so much about her in my older posts. she's fantastic as always but this time her subject needs to do hell lots of reading. i starting to get worried d. the subject is called academic writing. its kinda dry and boring and most important of all its tough.

psycholinguistics is taught by a new lecturer. she taught in NUS and UM b4. btw she's Japanese. the way she speaks so cute lah. her english with heavy japanese accent is so adorable but thats beside the point. i have to guess so many words of hers. so hard to make out what she pronouncing sometimes. i even have to rely on the context to get wat she is saying on a few occasions. all in all, she's a good lecturer. glad to have her teach psycholinguistics. somemore she looks so innocent. many students took advantage of this and chattered all along when she is speaking. i absolutely hate that. take advantage of a new lecturer.

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