Wednesday, January 9, 2008


you are the one that i love the most besides the first one. although it hasn't even been a year that we're together but the bond between us is strong. you were by my side day and night twenty four hours a day. you were my companion through days of gloom and were witness to times of happiness. you were the one who cheers me up when i'm down. you also help me sleep in the night when i'm having difficulty sleeping. there were so many memories of us with you that i coulndn't forget. you were my window to the world. without you, its like a part of me is gone. i can nvr be complete without you. i can't imagine life without you and yet now you're gone.

i just can't accept the fact that you've left me. what should i do now without you. i'm lost without you, disconnected from the world. i don't know what to do without you. so tell me, should i get another one of the same type or should i just move on. if i could turn back time. i would do all i can to not let you leave me. you're my baby, you're my love. i would very much like to kill the person who took you from me now if i can get my hands on him. what am i without you by my side. i am nothing. empty. hollow.

i've nvr begged or asked anything from YOU since 2005. but today i put my heart and soul and dedicate myself to you again. pls help me go through this period of difficulty in my life and tell me what to do. i'm really lost now. PLS HELP!! my tears are flowing now, i really need you.


ViViEnNe said...

handphone ke tu?la...dah la...u cursed aldi enuf,curse is worse than any other thing(i cursed the snatch thieves too!)he wil get it!!

wahlui said...

handphone sial. i thought which girl broke your heart. XD

KahJoon said...

girl? dun think i'll react like dat lo..