Tuesday, January 8, 2008

kek sim betul

bad luck struck me badly this time. monday is the day i am goin to genting with kiat and kathy. met them up at pudu to take bus to genting. mana tau, i lost my phone there..i curse the man who took my phone to go to the deepest hell !! its an SE k810i for goodness sake..i bought it at 1.3k and now its gone..damn sad sial. i kek sim till wanna cry but couldn't cry. neways i went to genting also even after this happened. dont want this incident to spoil everything.

this time will enter casino with abit more modal than the last time. idiot la those police..still wan check IC..cant u see that i am not underage! do i look underage? i tried to sneak my underage fren in..but to no avail..babi betul la those guards..they purposely aim females 1. forget bout those stupid guards d la.

i played "tai sai" oni this time coz it has the lowest minimum bet. dont have much experience in others and dont dare to play those high minimum bet games. wanted to play baccarat alot..but scared la..cannot afford..if lose mampus sial..coz i went casino without parent's knowledge. saw a childish game inside there too. its called casino wars. everyone gets one card including banker. everyone opens and who is the biggest wins..kelakar sial. so easy 1. roulette is a blardy tough game. so is the 3 card poker game. pontoon is something like blackjack if i not mistaken. most of the dice games can play 1..kinda simple and cheap. oh ya..dont play the 5 card poker if you're not good...high chance to lose..blardy hell..i see so many ppl lost. the slot machines are also hard. dont play lo. in total i lost rm25, luckily. i anggap this time as a learning experience..next time wont lose so easily d and i know wat to watch out for d. haha.

then i saw lots of china girls there lo. some even asked "sien sen, ni yao ma?" haha. in the casino, you can see plenty of them accompanying those rich old uncles. these china girls are damn good at gambling. maybe bcoz they had alot of practice. some of these call girls are damn hot u noe..they have the body and looks to die for. even caught some of them in action soliciting sexual service. next time go with a group of guys to disturb them. Lol.

theme park ticket was a waste. stupid weather. when we enter the sun was shining and the skies kinda clear. during the middle of our corkscrew session rain started to pour. we were hit by drops of rain and it was kinda ticklish and painful at the same time bcoz we're goin at speed. after dat oni manage to play some other things that have roofs..others are rendered inoperational by the rain. fucked up lah. 38 bucks just for one ride on the corkscrew and a few other boring things. din even get to ride the space shot. now duno become wat name d.

decided to go back at 6 plus like dat..i reach PJ around 8. tired gile.

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