Thursday, January 24, 2008


had a huge argument with dr carmen today. it all started from me disagreeing vehemently about the "meat" article. i admitted that i din read the whole article and she faulted me for that..she said watever i said in the socratic circle cannot be taken into consideration anymore bcoz i din read the article. she added whatever i said is not based on facts that i can find on the article.

well, i'm not boasting or anything lah. i have a unique ability to read thru articles just by skimming thru them and my eyes will automatically focus on the interesting and contentious points. everything that i said in the socratic circle is based on the contentious points that i found in the article !! she accused me of not knowing what i am arguing about wor..i think she under-estimated me lo. i agree that i am not following the basic rule of critical thinking which is reading the whole article properly. but what if i have a gift of knowing which parts of the articles that i know my friends will have an issue on? i want to put it on the record here that everything that i offered in the socratic circle argument is based on the article. i did not create my own facts !

i find it very LAME indeed for so many ppl to chant the slogan "GO GREEN" after reading the article. they are so easily swayed. actually the article is about the meatpacking industry. it tells about the rearing, slaughtering, preparation process. just bcoz its seems cruel and dirty they choose to not eat meat. Come on lah ppl. why deprieve urself of meat just bcoz you read sumone's article that has a sublime msg which is "boycott meat".


*This is my piece of opinion. i dont care if any of you get offended by me having this stance. i dont object to you having your "go green" stance. i just voiced out what i wanted to say and you can do the same if you feel like it.

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