Thursday, January 24, 2008


i found this in the star and it pissed me off at first but i had a good laugh after thinkin about it. he mentioned something about science and critical thinking unveiling overwhelming evidence of GOD. damn funny wei..does he really understand what is critical thinking? i think he's another religious zealot that fabricates stories and maintains there are evidences to back up what he is sayin to persuade ppl. u think everyone small kid ar?

There is a God and you’d better believe it

THE reason atheism is on the rise is that more and more people want to live without accountability, i.e. they want to do whatever they please, regardless of the consequences. Thus, they choose not to entertain the idea of God who calls them to a life of holiness and will judge their actions.

Atheists have no absolute standards of right and wrong (since they don’t believe in God), thus they will try to justify their actions whether right or wrong, and not own up to their wrongdoing.
It is not a matter of the absence of evidence of a supernatural deity, but rather of choosing the easy way out.

On the contrary, advances in science and the ability to think critically have actually unveiled overwhelming evidence for the existence of a supernatural deity, and many from the scientific fraternity concede that it is becoming harder to maintain a stand for the absence of God in the light of such evidence.

However, for many, the cost of living according to God’s way is too high a price to pay, and so they choose to turn a blind eye to the evidence.

For an excellent overview on this subject, I would recommend Lee Strobels’ The Case for a Creator.

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amy2kyo said...

i think la, sometimes hor, the belief of some pantang larang is created by olden-days people. you know like what we did in moral class? "cannot cut nails at night" just because there's you can't see at night cos no light. now with science, just switch on the light then can see ady ma..

yala, it's right to use critical thinking in every situation to prove. somehow i agree to you to a certain extent.

i believe in buddhism, as in the teaching la, but you see outside ppl ah, they mix buddhism with taoism. those who use joss sticks are taoism, burn paper la, this la that la. do all that for what? like the deities will know, will grant you this and that. waste money, waste time, waste effort.

i always think, am i half-atheist? lols.. come come, reply to me..

KahJoon said...

the actual buddhist teaching is pure and buddha did not require followers of his teaching to pray. even guan yin is a mythical character created in the past by ppl. the most impt thing in buddhism is being pure and do good things. no need all those prayers 1.

jeannie said...

I think not all atheists want to become atheists because they want to do watever they want but more to because they don't believe in certain beliefs in these religions. You know, like what Amy said, they can't see the logic of some pantang larang (cut nails at night,etc) or rules (sembahyang dunno how many times daily).
I'm a free thinker(dunno what's the difference btw atheist and free-thinker but i believe there is a difference.haha) But it's not I don't believe in some certain religious thingy but it's just that I don't see the point of following some of them. Of course that doesn't makes me become disrespectful of those religions.. I still believe some of the teachings...but at the same time could not agree with the should be able to get what I mean.

KahJoon said...

actually, there are no fixed definitions on atheist. there are no rules that states how they should act, or what they should believe. there is ntg out there to say atheist should be like this, like that and whatsoever.

there are many atheist out there but i won't say that all atheist are the same.