Monday, January 7, 2008

stupid timetable

new semester starts today..the first thing i do is look at the timetable and the first word that came out of my mouth is "fuck". the timetable this sem really sucks. monday and wednesday no class. ask me to do what on the 2 days sial. then saturdays got class till 1 pm.. wan go back malacca also susah la. mcm sial. argh!! i hate the timing of the new sem tvb dramas all halfway..war & destiny baru sampai 20+ episodes. the land of wealth pula baru 5 episodes !! i wan see tavia and sonija lah..its one of the big budget dramas with alot of star power..argh..must go get the pirated dvd d..oopppsss..hahha. since tml(today actually) no class, i am goin to genting. wahaha. tuesday class ponteng! sry lah dr carmen. see u next week k?

oh ya, yen shan shifted to sumwhere near me d. now i have more frens in the same taman as i am now. more ppl to teman me go makan d..wahaha.

so long nvr get to online wit broadband d. have to slowly get used to it again. give me time ya ppl. my blog will be up and running in a few days time. sabar ye..


ViViEnNe said...

apalah awak ni..pergi genting dan ponteng pulak?hahahah...apa yang nak buat di situ? ya i know shan is here...i know bout it aldi...

KahJoon said...

pegi casino la..apa lagi!! haha