Thursday, January 17, 2008


yesterday i finally opened a facebook account after much persuasion from close friends. i hesitated in doing so because i already had so many of these social webpages. namely friendster,multiply, msn spaces, tagged and i have to take care of my blog here.

back to the main point. to my surprise, facebook damn good lah. the features are fantastic and it is compatible to most of the emails. i had a wonderful time expanding my network of friends. i had no problem at all in locating them as facebook locates them automatically. woohoo. found so many of my long lost friends. then started to play with the applications. i got addicted to it immediately. loved blackjack, poker, friends for sale and petrol head.

in the midst of playin blackjack, suddenly sue sin asked me go yum cha with ching han. i said ok lo if u come fetch me. the stupid mamak serve duno wat kind of teh ais. i think got mix wit abit of coffee 1..the taste is there. the moment i drank it, i signed my suffering warrant. i couldn't sleep the whole night. reached home at 1 plus like dat..tried to sleep unsuccessfully till my alarm clock ringed at 6.15am. went to bath and get ready to go class. have to go early to get parking space.damn kesian sial..cant sleep at all. no rest for the whole day. when i went to class i was still so fresh. goin a day without rest started to take its toll on me during the last class which was psycholinguistics. fell asleep a few times when i was sitting on the chair. duno dr toshiko yamaguchi notice or not..i think she did lah but she pura pura tak nampak. i really cannot tahan d. so tired tau. 2 years of perfecting the technique during F6 of sleeping while sitting straight also cannot help me coz i sit in the middle. easy to notice. class very small.

the moment class finish i drove back lo..still feel sleepy. reached house, i took a bath. the shitty thing is when i finished bathing i feel energetic again. tak jadi rest d. hopefully tonite can have a good sleep lah. if not tml sure die 1. wont last till noon.

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