Thursday, January 31, 2008


i just came back from another movie trip. no no, b4 u make any assumptions or hasty generalisation i want to say that i did not go to a cinema to catch a movie. this is another special occasion where i went to UM to catch a German movie which won an Oscar for best foreign film last year. went with a bunch of coursemates and dr carmen. the title of the movie is "Life of Others". it was screened in conjunction with the german movie week by the Asia Europe Institute.

the screening went well until some shitty incident happened. 30-45 minutes of the movie was supposedly sensored and it could be said that we missed the entire important part and climax of the movie. our fears were confirmed by the few german's there who have watched the film b4. i am so so disappointed with the censorship board. wtf are they doing? 30 - 45 minutes. whats so bad about that to be censored? violence? torture? why we cannot see? u think we don't know how to think? u think we are small kids that need ur guidance to tell us what we should watch and wat we shouldn't watch? u noe what? Up ur ass lah !

then another thing that enraged me even more was what a lecturer of Uitm said. he said that since we couldn't watch the whole of the film, we should join Uitm's german film week to watch the movie. here comes the pain! he said that the censored part that we could not watch now, would also be partly censored. how? they will cover up the screen and let us listen to the audio only. wat the heck u think we are?

so pissed right now i duno wat to right anymore. that is all for now.

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