Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Group project

Again the same old problem of choosing mates for group assignment is creeping up. i really hate the start of every semester as coursemates jostle,betray, backstab and do watever it takes to get what they want in finding group members.

Last sem was a kind of reprieve because i had two faithful group members. this sem, for journalism 2 the problem is arising again. initially we had the agreement of the 5 person's involved to be together in a group. then all of a sudden, when sumone said she had no group members and wanted to join us the problem started. someppl opted to be not members of our group anymore. i was so fed up to see all of this again i left the recruiting job to my other friend. i really hate it.

to those who chose to opt out after giving agreement, well i have this to say. "u wan out, i give u out. i won't force u to stay. don't regret leaving my group and dont come asking for help after this."

i am damn blardy pissed right now. just because that one person don't want to join the other group and want to be with you, you choose to turn your back on me. nvm nvm


ViViEnNe said...

siapa tu?

KahJoon said...

siapa makan cili dia tahulah

amy2kyo said...

actually... i also quite pissed off lor.. you know our class got 32 people right? why can't they divide to 8 groups with 4 members in each? fair right like that? if lebih one, then that one group will have 5 ppl lo... sighh...

but nonetheless hor.. just close one eye and finish the blardy assignment lor..